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fondazione l'albero della vita

Fondazione L'Albero dell Vita is an Italian humanitarian organization that operates all over the world to ensure children’s wellbeing by creating opportunities for a decent, full and satisfactory life.

My work with them focused on supervising and implementing communication activities to promote three projects launched by the Foundation at the European level. 

MEET (More Equal Europe Together)

A two-year project aimed at preventing Islamophobia against women and girls in Europe by empowering key actors to build a culture of tolerance and by fostering a positive narrative of muslim girls and women. The project culminated in the launch of a European campaign called Look Beyond Prejudice.

The video, illustrated by cartoonist Takoua Ben Mohamed, served as the pilot episode of a European webseries produced by young people aged 12-18 from six European countries with the help of experts in film storytelling techniques.

YES (Youth Empowerment Support)

The goal of the YES project was to empower young people to stand up against Islamophobia and discrimination. With this in mind, I worked on updating and curating the website with events and learning opportunities, creating a strong social media presence, and designing promotional materials and assets.


EPIC (European Practices for Integration and Care)

Through the exchange of good practices, the EPIC project aimed to improve the effectiveness and quality of alternative forms of care for unaccompanied migrant children in Europe. To support the project, I helped curate their website content, designed reports and resources, as well as facilitate the organisation of an online event.

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