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Camilla Capasso

I am a writer, storyteller and content creator with years of experience covering stories about food, land rights, the environment and gender justice. I create content for international organizations and NGOs, including UN agencies, and I write about people that I believe can inspire us to imagine and build a different world. 

I hold a BA (Hons) in Journalism from the University of Westminster (2014) and a MSc in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics (2015).

Writing & Storytelling

Food, agriculture and farming

The last of the mangroves 
The effects of shrimp farming on Indigenous communities and their mangrove forests in Malaysia.


Farming for the future in South Africa 
Mokgadi is a black female farmer from South Africa, a country where most agricultural land is owned by large-scale, white-owned commercial farms.


Interview with Michael Fakhri, Special Rapporteur on the right to food
Can strong land rights help overcome the current food crisis made worse by the pandemic?


Fostering livelihoods of vanilla farmers in Tanzania 
A natural vanilla flavor manufacturer is supporting smallholder farmers in Tanzania.


Supporting Kenyan macadamia nut growers

The world’s first fair-trade certified macadamia nut company is creating better working conditions for macadamia nut growers in Kenya.

From abandoned land to urban farming 
A social farming cooperative in Southern Italy gives new life to abandoned public land by doing social farming activities with the local community.

United Against Silence
Guatemala is the most dangerous country in the world for trade unionists, especially those working in the banana sector.

(ITA) Farmers (and food security) in the West Bank are under attack
50% of vegetable farmers in the West Bank cannot access to their land, due to growing intimidation by Israeli settlers and the IDF. 

Land rights, environmental justice and climate

Community-based monitoring to end oil contamination in the Peruvian Amazon 
Indigenous communities in Peru use a mix of traditional knowledge and technology to monitor the effects of oil spills in the Amazon and hold companies accountable.


My husband's land 
Customary laws in Cameroon prevent widows from inheriting their husband's land after he dies.


A life for land rights 
An Indigenous community in Colombia has been fighting for decades to get their land back. 


Boundaries for peace in Togo
A rural community in Togo resolved conflicts over land and resources by collectively demarcating their land.

Looking after lagoons in Ecuador

Through a participative and inclusive process, a community in Ecuador came together to create a conservation area around the local lagoons.

Underwater forests of endless possibilities 

Kelp farming can help us fight climate change while supporting coastal communities: An interview with Ceylon La Mantia - director of KELP! documentary.

Overlooked and under appreciated

‘Plant blindness’ - our inability to notice plants and the role they play in our lives - has significant consequences for the planet, hindering conservation efforts and impacting our food systems.

Gender justice

Speaking up in Peru
Rural women in Peru are fighting for a seat at the table against patriarchal norms and practices.

The woman who refuses to die 
Yolanda Oqueli is Indigenous environmental defender who’s been protesting a mining project on her community’s land in Guatemala.


Peruvian women activists are likely to suffer from PTSD in their struggle against mining projects
Women activists who campaign against the construction of mines on their territory are the first to show signs of PTSD

Papua New Guinea’s Struggle With Domestic and Sexual Violence
PNG has some of the highest levels of family and sexual violence in the world.

Fighting diamonds in Zimbabwe, an interview with Melanie Chiponda

Melanie Chiponda works with rural communities in Marange, a diamond-rich area of Zimbabwe.

Mining and indigenous rights in the Philippines, an interview with Jane Lingbawan Yap-Eo

Jane was born in the Cordillera, North of the Philippines, where one of the longest running mining companies operates.

Does the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights support women’s rights?

Interview with international human rights lawyer Andrea Shemberg on the issues with gender-neutral policy making.

...and travel writing

The Beauty of Eating Alone

Where Elephants Roam Free

...and that time I was featured in the New York Times!

Social media & content

In 2022, I travelled to Sharm-el-Sheik to cover COP27, focusing on initiatives and events that talked about the importance of securing land rights to mitigate the climate crisis.


INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER | UN Food Systems Summit, Italy
Ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit in 2021, I took over their instagram account for a day to show how a farming social cooperative in Southern Italy is successfully building a more sustainable food system.


SOCIAL MEDIA COVERAGE | Global Land Forum, Jordan
I flew to Jordan to do social media live coverage of the Global Land Forum, a global conference on land rights issues with more than 800 participants from 74 countries. Throughout the conference, the official hashtag of the event reached 2.9M people with almost 8k interactions.


At the Global Land Forum in Jordan, I had the pleasure to hold a workshop on digital storytelling for change with Al-Jazeera journalist Sandra Gathmann.


In 2017, I travelled to Cameroon to train local youths on how to use social media to speak up against palm oil concessions on their community’s land.

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