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From time to time, I like to experiment with projects that involve other communication tools and media. Below is a selection of digital work I have developed for different non-profit organizations. 

To celebrate World Environment Day 2020, I coordinated the development of a short video featuring Food for Soul's President Lara Gilmore in the gardens of the beautiful bed and breakfast that she and her husband Chef Massimo Bottura opened in the Emilian countryside (Italy). There, she spoke about the importance of learning, sharing and acting for Nature and to care about our Planet, what we grow and what we eat. 

In 2010, the Malaysian government launched a new economic initiative aimed at turning Malaysia into a high-income economy by 2020. One of the projects carried out under this plan sought to tackle extreme poverty in the district of Pitas, one of the poorest in Sabah, by establishing the country’s largest shrimp farm and promising job opportunities for local communities. On 1 November 2016, I joined a fact-finding mission to Pitas. This documentary reports on the situation in the area.