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Whether you wish to reach new donors, supporters, and volunteers with great storytelling or you need help structuring your communication strategy and planning, I can help you out. Get in touch for more details on my fees and availability!



  • Develop a communication strategy that is in line with your organization's vision, mission, values and goals.

  • Plan your communication activities and help you find the right way to implement them.

  • Social media audit and consulting.

  • Blog posts

  • Articles

  • Social media posts

  • Brochure and flyers

  • Long articles (research-based)

  • Website content

  • E-mail content

  • Annual reports

  • Conference reports

  • Ebooks

  • Case studies

  • Presentations 

  • Speeches

  • Newsletters

  • Press releases

  • Translations English-Italian and vice versa






About me

I have worked as a communications professional in the non-profit sector for many years. While I can't imagine doing anything else, I have come to understand how difficult, time consuming, and even frustrating, it can be to successfully communicate your mission, vision and work to the world.


We live in a time that makes it extra difficult for organizations to stand out, which is why timely, well-crafted communication is more important than ever. Identifying innovative ways to communicate complex information in a compelling and engaging manner to diverse audiences is one of my strongest assets. 


Thanks to my experience working in the non-profit sector, I have honed my ability to write smooth, flowing copy that is in line with the mission and values of the organization and that has a real, measurable impact on the target audience. Over the years, my focus has been on food sustainability and food insecurity, social and environmental issues and indigenous rights.


Freelancer without borders

While I am currently based in Italy, I have been working with individuals and organizations from the most diverse range of countries. I hope to hear from you soon!

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